Monday, April 4, 2011

Raw Milk Fast, Day 2

My day was pretty simple - just some work around the house and schooling the kids. I got up around 8:30am and thought immediately about coffee. I miss coffee. Then I remembered that I can't have coffee. Despite that, pouring my first glass of milk seemed natural. I drank 14 ounces between 9 and 10am.

My son is not supportive at all - and by that I mean he thinks it's funny to tease me by tempting me with yummy food. At his 10:30am snack, he brought me his chips and tried to feed one to me. It took a lot of willpower to send him away! I miss chips.

I had several episodes today of almost overwhelming desire to eat something - anything. But just like yesterday I was not hungry, so I knew my body was seeking the pure pleasure of eating, not to mention sugar! I drank 16 ounces more during an hour around lunch time. I sipped on milk throughout the afternoon and evening, and ended up with around 72 ounces. It's important that the milk not be super cold and also be consumed a little at a time over the day - so no downing whole glasses of cold milk in one sitting. I feel like this aspect has really helped with the hunger issue and keeping my blood sugar even throughout the day.

About mid-afternoon, I was feeling strongly that I needed to have a different flavor on my palate or I'd go crazy and give up. Rather than risk abandoning my detox, I decided to have a cup of mint tea, with nothing in it. The mint tea is local and organic so I felt it would compliment my desire to avoid ingesting toxins this week. Not only that, but mint also has its own list of positive healing properties.

So how am I feeling? Well, I lost a pound since yesterday but don't get excited because it's water weight that is typically lost when sugars and simple carbs are cut out of the diet. So more importantly, I've found my mood to be really stable the past two days, even when dealing with difficult children. I also notice I am just more calm in general. Neither of these things should surprise me because milk aids in the production of serotonin, the chemical in the body responsible for mood stabilization, and sugar (which I'm not getting)causes erratic production of serotonin, causing high-highs and low-lows.

I have a condition called Interstitial Cystitis - a chronic inflammation of the lining of the bladder. Basically, I live with symptoms of a mild bladder infection all the time. The past two days, those symptoms have dramatically decreased. I'm not sure if that's because of the bladder-irritating foods I'm not eating or because of the milk's healing properties. Perhaps a little of both.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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