Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reflections on the A-Z Blogging Challenge

It's been almost 2 weeks. And I'm writing this today only because it's the deadline for having the reflections posts done to go on the list. Because I haven't wanted to even look at my blog in the past two weeks. I haven't wanted to look at any blogs. The Challenge was hard for me. My health issues frequently prevent me from forming full sentences, and my life as a part-time single parent is a challenge all its own. Having to do a blog post a day during April was exhausting, mentally and physically. In the beginning, I thought I would do the challenge on both my blogs. A few days in I realized there was no way I could keep up both. This was my first big disappointment. A couple weeks in I realized I couldn't keep up with visiting 10 blogs a day and reading the blogs of the people I wanted to follow. Disappointment number two. The last week of April, I was so overwhelmed just answering the comments that people were leaving on my blog. I can't say that I ended on an up note.

But lest you think it was all tedious and torturous, I'll also say that I am glad I participated. It took a lot of discipline to post daily no matter what else was going on. And discipline gained through challenge is always worthy. I loved meeting all the new people that came to visit my blog, and whose blogs I visited. I met people that I would have probably never met otherwise. The blogosphere is a big place, and there are so many great blogs that I wouldn't have ever found except through this challenge. It was also a great experience doing this with my daughter, who at 12 years old disciplined herself to post daily, even with a full school schedule, critique group and other writing goals. We had a great time supporting and encouraging each other. And, of course, all that I learned about the wonders of this world as I researched for my posts has enriched my faith and my appreciation for the universe.

So, the big question: Will I participate again? .... well, I think this is a bit like the emotions of childbirth... ask me again once I've forgotten what it was like this time!  Seriously though, I think I will. But next time, I'll prepare a little more in advance, and I'll choose a topic that I don't have to research. April is a busy month for garden chores; perhaps I'll write about the April garden.

In another few weeks, I think I'll be ready to continue visiting blogs on the list, and catching up on all the ones I'm following. And I'm looking forward to reading a lot of the reflections posts. I'd like to thank all the people who read and commented on my posts throughout the month, and the hosts for making the challenge possible.