Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Children are a blessing from the Lord. Amen? My daughter Victoria was born in December of 1999, on the verge of death. 

Before we had kids, my husband and I didn't know that we had an incompatibility with our platelets. It causes my body to see the baby's platelets as foreign and attack them. As a result, my daughter was born with a platelet level of around 6,000. Normal is in the hundreds of thousands, so her platelet level was in the category of "nonexistent." As soon as they got the results, they immediately transferred her to the NICU at the state medical university. Platelet levels that low put a person at very high risk for internal hemorrhaging from even the slightest injury. We were told she would probably be there for weeks as they gave her platelet transfusions, and worked to get my antibodies out of her system so she could start replacing her platelets on her own.   

But God had other plans. Despite going through the rigors of labor, she had no internal bleeding, which was a miracle. She responded excellently to treatment and started making her own platelets with gusto. And she was able to come home three days later. 

... which was my birthday.  

I love telling the story about God giving me my daughter as a birthday gift.  And I see the Lord in her every single day. She is an amazing blessing. 

It's been fun doing the A-Z Challenge with Victoria. Pop over and visit her blog, where she shares her thoughts about her crazy life as an almost-teenager. 


  1. I enjoy reading your blog and I enjoy Victoria's as well. After reading this post it highlights your love for one another even more!

  2. Lovely story and wonderful that modern medicine has solutions to this once certain death condition. My daughter had a similar experience with her child.

  3. i have many birth miracle stories too--isn't it a blessing to have our children--and my last was born the day after my 41st birthday--we had pretty great presents didn't we--wonderful post!

  4. Oh Yeah, Victoria has a blog too! I hope you are enjoying the A-Z challenge.


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