Monday, April 23, 2012

Trembling Giant tree

One thing I am enjoying about my theme for the A-Z Challenge is that I am looking at the world more closely, learning about amazing stuff God made that I never knew existed, or knew but didn't know just how cool it was! I know there's some beautiful, majestic trees on this earth, but when I ran across information about the Quaking Aspen, a.k.a. The Trembling Giant, I knew it would be the highlight of my "T" post.

The Quaking Aspen grove - located in Utah - is actually not a bunch of single trees like it appears. It is a living organism spread over 107 acres, with each of it's approximately 47,000 stems having the same genetic code, and connected by an enormous underground root system. And here I thought Avatar's Pandora was pure fantasy. But Jodie Holt, who designed all of the flora for the fictional planet, is a professor of botany. So, she'd know about The Trembling Giant.

Pandora may be fake, but the Earth is real. The Trembling Giant is real. God is real. Amen?

Click on any of the pictures to link to lists of some of the most amazing trees in the world. They have a lot of overlaps, of course, but the pictures and information are wonderful on each list. I'll leave you with one more picture. This is The Basket Tree. It's shape is not natural; it was created by a man who harnessed the natural growth properties of the trees. What creativity!

Answers to my Quiz of Qs:
1-E, 2-C, 3-B, 4-D, 5-F, 6-A. Thanks to everyone who played. Blogs of the winners will be linked in my "U" post.


  1. This is amazing! I've never even heard of this tree. How have I not heard of this tree? Thanks for posting this.

    And, amen!

  2. Totally amazing trees. Thankyou for sharing this knowledge.

  3. Love trees... and anything nature for that matter! That basket tree is amazing!!

    Great you are a doula - I wanted to do that at one point but couldn't figure out how I could make it work with my son and hubby's schedule for those 'unplanned' (LOL)responsibilities! :)

    Thanks for visiting Mom-ology!


  4. Thanks for coming over to visit my blog. I love yours! And most of all I love this post. One of my most favorite living things in nature are trees. I love everything about them. And that basket tree is awesome!
    New follower!

  5. wonderful trees--yes who would have thought about making the basket tree--genius

  6. Amazing! I love trees so much...nothing makes me feel God's presence like lying under a tree and staring up at its branches.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. That last tree is amazing!
    atoz -


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