Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quiz of Qs

Here's a bunch of obscure animals that start with the letter Q. Your job is to match the correct name with the correct picture.  Put your responses in the comments. The answers will be at the bottom of my "S" post, and the person or people who get the most correct, I'll link to their blog on my "T" post.
Don't cheat and look them up!!

1. quelea  2. quindio  3. quinquespinosus  4. quino checkerspot  5. quilback  6. quoll



  1. I need to study for this! ;)

    Who knew so many animal names started with Q? :)

  2. this is too hard in the morning--you are very clever!

  3. Great quiz! I don't know any of these.

  4. I am pretty sure
    A) is a Quoll and that F)is a Quilback
    I'm taking a guess that
    B) is a Quinquespinosus
    C) is a Quino Checkerspot
    D) is a Quindio
    E) is a Quelea

    Intersting little quizz.

    1. Well, so far you are the only one who is at least giving it a guess! Thanks!

  5. Sorry. I have no idea. It's hopeless. Now, I'll never win the prize. Thanks for trying to rouse me from the depths of my ignorance though. hehe. Blog on!

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  7. Let me try this again. This is too much work! I'm just going to go with what C. M. Brown says.

  8. Now this is quite a challenge for me in more ways than one! My wifi is sporadic as of late so I hope it stays connected as I research and complete the list!
    1.Quelea E 2. Quindio now all I can find about that is it is a department of Columbia or a wax tree plant from that region. so??? 3. Quinquespinosus is B . 4. quino checkerspot is D. 5. Quilback is F. 6. Quoll is A.
    Now how come I was stumped on Quindio? C is all that's left so I'll go with that but it didn't give me that when I researched it. Oh well.
    Fun exercise!

  9. Wow, great words for Scrabble. (Except B, of course, which is way too long, not to mention tricky to remember.)

    B = quinquespinosus
    C = quindio
    D = quino checkerspot
    E = quelea
    F = spineback

    This was fun--and educational, too! Thanks for the amusement!

  10. Sush -
    The only way I can find information about the Quindio Glass Frog is to put the entire name in the search. Thanks for playing!

  11. Kern -
    Thanks for stopping by and playing!


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