Sunday, March 25, 2012

Walking In Heaven With Hitler

Recently I read this blog post by a woman who calls herself a "different kind of Christian." She shares her thoughts on who/what God is. I disagree with most of what she said. In fact, most of what she said will make committed evangelical and orthodox Christians scrunch their faces, shake their heads, and lament over her lack of knowledge. Thousands of years of Christian theology says she's wrong on so many points.

But in the midst of all of the wrongness, there is this incredible piece of truth:

"I think Grace is scandalous beyond our wildest imaginations"

Yes! Yes, it is! The bible tells us that the message of the cross is foolishness, an offense, and a stumbling block. It is shocking. The pharisees were scandalized on a regular basis by Christ, as he ate with tax collectors, allowed his disciples to pick grain on the Sabbath, and said the Law was not what would save them. The message of grace through faith in the work of Jesus Christ is scandalous. To the point that if we believe it, we have to admit to shocking things. We have to be willing to say scandalous things, like this:

I would love to walk in heaven with Hitler.

Wait...what?? Are you scrunching your face and shaking your head? Are you offended? If you are a Christian professing to believe in the grace God gave us freely by the blood of His son, you shouldn't be. Because if that grace isn't big enough to forgive evil the likes of Hitler, then what is so great about it? What is so fantastic, amazing, awesome, unbelievably thrilling about grace that is limited? About grace that will reach over and cover the not-so-horrible offenders, but leave Hitler without a chance? It's too small for Christ's sacrifice (not to mention boring).

I'd like to have a conversation with a forgiven Hitler, remade in the image of Christ. I'd love to hear how he felt  when the truth of grace touched him. When he found out that love covers even his multitude of sins. Wow, what joy!

God is clear that His forgiveness and grace are freely given to us, but that we cannot have fellowship with Him without repentance. Did Hitler repent and accept God's grace? I don't know. But I imagine there will be a lot of people in heaven that us "good" Christians wouldn't expect to see. Because God is that good. His grace is that sufficient.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. And praise the Lord, there is no one too lost!

Are you feeling God's grace today?

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  1. Amen!
    This has been a subject dear to my heart for years! Grace is scandelous, but a good God bestows it on us lavishly...I am personally grateful for that gift. Anyone who takes issue with the possibility that grace could have made a way even for someone like Hitler, might want to reconsider spending eternity in a heaven where God is the sovereign ruler and can let anyone in or keep anyone out that He chooses! Our opinion on that matter does not make the difference! LOLOL


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