Friday, March 16, 2012

Future of Food Contest

Calling all conspiracy theorists, Armageddon profits, ax grinders, and anyone else who likes a contest...

Enter to win a copy of the movie
The Future of Food!

Monsanto is the Devil. GMOs are ruining the world's food supply. The FDA is getting paid off by bigAg to squash small farmers. The USDA is trying to poison our kids with pink slime and something called a pizza vegetable (which I can't actually find seeds for). Government data-miners are patrolling the internet looking for the words raw milk, cow sharing, CAFO, and petition. In the interest of national security, they are spying on citizens who might be eating real food.  And the people who know the truth are turning up dead in what appear to be freak accidents. 

Well, some of that is true...

Here's the contest. Imagine the food system of the future, a la Soylent Green. Come up with an idea for a book about that future. It can be humor, thriller, mystery... whatever works. If you're not a writer, don't worry. I'll be judging ideas not writing, so give it your best shot.  Give me just the basic plot, like on a book jacket. Extra credit for a title. Please keep it to a paragraph or two. And no profanity.

Here's my hastily-written example:

Seth Stevens grew up hearing stories of people eating beef and drinking milk, before foodborne illness outbreaks caused the Food Supply Authority to outlaw cows as food animals. Now a senior detective for the FSA, he is sent to investigate claims that a small group of farmers in rural Pennsylvania has been breeding cows for meat and milk against federal law. Seth goes undercover, determined to bring the criminals to justice. But he could never have prepared himself for what he would discover. A web of deceit that goes all the way to the highest levels of the government.  

Could it be true that the FSA is secretly run by a corporation determined to control the food supply of the entire world? Could it be true that cows were not actually as dangerous as the FSA always said? As Seth searches for the truth, he finds his life in danger. Is the government trying to kill him... or is it the Amish? 

Submit your entries in the comments section. You can enter more than once, but make each a separate comment. The winner will be chosen on May 30th.


  1. M3.207 and F0.795 have been comfortably married for 6 years when they are approached by a government agent from the historical preservation division. They are told that because of their ideal DNA profile, they have been selected to participate in a mandatory experimental program to preserve the species. The tablet supplements that people have been sustained on for the last several generations have been determined to be the cause of failure to thrive in the last several batches of test tube offspring and government researchers in a last ditch effort to save humanity have decided that the only way preserve the human race is to go back to the way things were before food borne illness and stds were eradicated through the elimination of all human contact and any foods other than the government approved tablet supplements which had been sterilized and tested 100% free of microbes.

    M3.207 is intrigued by the assignment because she has always been interested in history, however she and her husband are horrified when they discover the details of the assignment. Completely grossed out about the process of eating and procreation, and terrified that physical contact and old fashioned foods will destroy their immune systems and destroy the professional working relationship that they had built over the years, they try to decline but are unprepared to deal with the roller coaster of emotions that they encounter when the drugs used to suppress physical attraction are removed from the water supply leading to their home and they are threatened with starvation by government officials unless they comply.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll have to think up something for this challenge.


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